I was just flicking through this year’s seed catalogues (bit late I know) and wondering what other villagers are planting in their vegetable plots. We had a lot of success last year with courgettes in our polytunnel but our butternut squash crop was a total disaster. The previous year was poor for courgettes but the cucumbers did well.

I’ve tried peas again this year but they are always a disappointment as you just can’t seem to grow enough to make it worthwhile. Mind you, the few that we do get taste so good straight from the pod.

Tomatoes never seem to let me down and I’ve got about a dozen plants already outside in the polytunnel. I’ve no idea what varieties they are as the homemade labels washed off at the first watering.

So what are you growing? What do you find does well in the mix of clay and chalk that we find in our gardens (well, that’s what I find).

Let me know and maybe we can swap success stories later in the year.