We have spoken directly with Havebury, Abbeygate (the owners of the adjacent land) and our local district councillor. We are told that the current status is as follows. Havebury would like to provide better accommodation for the current residents of Erskine Lodge. They would like to do that on site, with the minimum disruption in the meantime. In an ideal world they would like to begin by adding new accommodation next to Erskine Lodge and then moving current residents into that accommodation before doing any work to Erskine Lodge. Of course no one can guarantee that things will go that well, but that is Havebury’s preference. Abbeygate is willing to make its land available for that development and to build affordable housing for families and others that cannot otherwise afford to live in the village. As a parish council we fully support that plan; we believe that housing that people can afford and better accommodation for the elderly is a good thing for the village. Whether Havebury can pull this off depends on Central Government funding; Havebury, like everyone else, is competing for limited funds in a difficult economy. Havebury has promised to keep us informed of progress.