Those of you that attended the last Parish Council meeting will know that the majority of local residents are objecting tothe proposed developments at Fenton’s Farm and Erskine Lodge. Most people are under the impression that the Vision 2031 plan for Whelnetham is for an additional 10 homes and not the 78 that have been suggested.

The Parish Council agreed to write to St Edmundsbury for clarifiction and this is the reply:

Vision 2031 – Great WhelnethamThank you for your letter dated 12 September concerning the sites in Great Whelnetham identified for development in Vision 2031.The final Vision 2031 is currently going through the Council decision making process for adoption following its examination by a Planning Inspector.  I have attached the tracked changes version of the section for Great Whelnetham.  It states that 2 hectares of land is allocated at Erskine Lodge for development / redevelopment but that the number of homes to be provided should be determined by the preparation of a development brief that will need to have regard to a number of constraints on and around the site.The final Vision 2031 document also confirms the allocation of 0.4 hectares of land off Tutelina Rise for 10 homes.  This site was originally identified in the Site Allocations Preferred Options document in 2010 for 15 homes.  However, following considerable local opposition to the scale of development the number was reduced to 10.I hope this is of assistance?

If anybody wants to see the ‘attached doc with tracked changes’ then just mail me and I’ll forward it.

David Howes – Chairman PC –