It has been a while since anything has been said about the proposed development at Erskine Lodge. Certainly the proposal provoked many comments, over 50 we believe were raised. Yet no-one has heard anything about more recent developments, that is until now,

It can be confirmed that the Development brief was submitted to St Edmundsbury Borough Council and at meeting held 28th January 2015 the Sustainable Development Working Party recommended that the proposed development should not be adopted.

It is now unclear as to exactly what will happen next, but by all means you are welcome to come along to the next Parish Council meeting to find out if we have had any further updates, and perhaps discover what the future may be for the development.

Interestingly enough it does appear that those who did raise comments may not have received responses from either Havebury or its architects, whilst this may be the case if you do want to find out exactly what the responses were to the comments, you can do so using this link: