Update on Future Plans and Developments

I attended the presentation regarding the development of 1250 houses adjacent to Sicklesmere Road this week, and was interested to learn that one of the features the developers will incorporate throughout the site is a cycle route.

We all too aware of how dangerous it is to cycle along Sicklesmere to Bury on the road, so I have suggested that it perhaps additional consideration and thought should be given to providing or incorporating a cycle route to Sicklesmere. The concern being that the development will inevitably lead to an increase in traffic flow and therefore increase the danger not only to pedestrians but cyclists as well.

I was given the impression that this suggestion was received quite favourably and could be considered further.  Time will tell.

Fentons Farm.

I also noted that although the Parish Council has not heard anything officially, Havebury have posted a development plan for comment on their website for the construction of what appears from the draft plan, 20 homes on the Fentons Farm site.

This site has defined as suitable for the development of only 10 homes within the current 2031 document

Comments are invited as a precursor to formal submission, but there does not appear to be a closing date.

For those who wish to make comments here’s the link:


I am sure Havebury will welcome your comments.

There has been no further news regarding developments at Erskine Lodge at this time.

Peter Royce