It seems that a few feathers have been ruffled within Havebury Towers.

My recent post regarding the presence of information regarding Fentons Farm on Havebury’s website was indeed correct, it was there for all to see as many of you read it and responded accordingly. The sudden influx of comments seems to have taken Havebury by surprise as they were not expecting it.  The Chief Executive explained that she was ‘baffled’ as to why it was happening, ‘ Er maybe it’s because it’s on your website!’ was the response. That seemed to cause even more confusion as apparently there are no plans to do anything at the moment either at Erskine Lodge or Fenton Farm as the previous proposals were withdrawn.

On Friday [05/06/2015]  I received another communication from Havebury. It appears that Havebury had previously issued instructions to remove any reference to the proposed development plans at Whelnetham from their Website,  unfortunately  only the information for the proposed development at Erskine Lodge was removed which meant that the information for the development plans for the Fentons farm site remained on their website. A matter that has now  been rectified.

The current status is that plans for both sites are being revised and the comments made previously by the community are being reviewed and considered as part of that process but certainly there is nothing ready as yet for consideration.

Timely Reminder

It certainly didn’t do any harm to remind Havebury of the intensity of feeling that exists within the village regarding their proposals, and that the recent correspondence has no doubt served as a timely reminder to them of peoples expectations, it is hoped that Havebury will consult and communicate more openly with the Parish Council and the community after all

Havebury seeks to be;

  • passionate about people, whether they be our residents, employees or partners
  • true to our roots, but keen to work creatively
  • open and accountable, delivering excellent cost effective services
  • a trusted organisation, committed to working with residents and others
  • courteous, respectful and fair to all

I think that is only right that we hold them to their values don’t you?

Important Times Ahead your views count

Without doubt it is inevitable the development of new housing in Whelnetham at some point in the near future makes this an important time for both  Gt and Little Whelnetham.  Members of the community have proven that they have a voice, and, the Parish Council, has proved that we do listen, respond, and represent accordingly.  The Parish Council wishes that it could hear views and opinions more often at our meetings.  No matter what you may think about Parish Councils albeit they are the lower tier of Local Government, they do play an important role in shaping our villages, but with so of few councillors to represent so many, that role is extremely challenging.

There are currently vacancies for additional Parish Councillors to represent both Great and Little Whelnetham, and the Parish Council would be keen to hear from anyone who is interested in becoming a Parish Councillor

More Councillors Needed, what’s involved?

As a Parish Councillor you can express concerns and ideas of the section of the community whose interest you represent, I cannot guarantee that all of the ideas  will be accepted but I can say they would be considered, but at least  if they are rejected, a greater understanding as to why would be gained.  Some ideas  we may be able to achieve, others may require further assistance from other organisations and local bodies but at the end of the day it is all about making sure the money that we are given by local government is spent in a way that best benefits our community, and that the things that are considered as important, that are within the control of the Parish Council can be reviewed, and those outside of our control can be addressed through the appropriate channels.

Of course being a Parish Councillor will take up some of your time,  it is voluntary, and you don’t get paid for it, you can get satisfaction out of successes, and indeed criticisms for either success or failure. It is an unfortunate fact of life that not everybody will be pleased with some of decisions that have to be  made.

Still interested? Why not have a chat with the Chair or Parish Clerk, See contacts page.


Emergency Practice – Evacuation and Rescue events- Erskine Lodge

Havebury has been approached by Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service to take part in a training exercise to test the fire plan for sheltered housing and the Erskine Lodge site at Great Whelnetham has been identified as a suitable location. The health and welfare of all residents living in sheltered accommodation is of importance to us, therefore Havebury would like to make you aware of a series of upcoming Joint Agency Exercises which will be carried out during June and July.

There are four planned live exercises which will last approximately 1 hour. These dates are confirmed as follows:

Monday 15 June – 6.45pm

Thursday 25 June – 6.45pm

Monday 29 June – 6.45pm

Thursday 9 July – 6.45pm

There will also be one full day live exercise which will take place on Thursday 2 July at 10.30am. Please do not be alarmed if you see smoke or fire during these times.

Grass Cutting-

The Parish Council were aware that the grass areas it maintains were in dire need of attention, unfortunately our current contractor had experienced difficulties with their grass cutting equipment, which together with adverse weather conditions caused ‘knock on’ delays for their customers. Hopefully by now all the grass has been cut, with the exception of those areas which are beyond the control of the Parish Council.

Havebury have also been made aware of the need to maintain the grass at Erskine Lodge, they were quite keen to do this as it may affect the planned practice days.

Update by Peter Royce, Chairman