Havebury have released a revised development brief for their proposed development at Erskine Lodge.

The plans can be viewed here:

and click on the small link in the text, or try a direct link which can be found here:

‘Local residents will receive further information through the post regarding this Design Brief, and feedback can be submitted by midday on Friday, October 2, 2015’.

During a recent telephone conversation, Havebury stated that the development would take place in 2 phases.

The first phase would concentrate on the redevelopment of the current Erskine Lodge site, which would see the existing building replaced by 25 homes whose design is of a more traditional development.

Please read the development brief

Phase 1 could be completed within 2 years of planning permission being accepted.

Havebury intend to start a postal consultation shortly, and make a copy of the development brief available at the post office for review. At this time the Parish Council have only just been informed.

Please review the development brief and offer your feedback by 2nd October.

The development brief [Page 22] proposes an overall development density of up to 30 dwellings per hectare for the whole site. This will be achieved with varying densities proposed across the site with the smaller homes concentrated on the existing developed footprint of Erskine Lodge. It would be appropriate that the lowest density development is located on the peripheries of the site adjacent to neighbouring properties to the north and northeast and the open countryside to the west.

‘By proposing the lowest density housing on the existing undeveloped portion of the site an opportunity is opened up for a two phase development. The concept plan has been developed to enable a two-phased development, where one phase would not prejudice the other. This would enable the vacant brownfield part of the site to be brought back into beneficial use earlier than could otherwise be achieved through a single phase development. It is anticipated that phase one could accommodate around 25 dwellings’.

It is anticipated that phase two could accommodate around 35 dwellings bringing the total number of homes for the site at Erskine Lodge to 60.

NB: Section 9.19 of St Edmundsbury Borough Council 2031 Rural Vision states:

Vision 2031 allocates sites that are estimated to have the ability to deliver at least 880 homes. The shortfall of 390 is expected to be made up of new homes that will be built on “windfall” and infill sites across the borough that can occur through conversions and redevelopment opportunities that can’t always be foreseen. An allowance of 325 homes provided in this is made in the core strategy and it is expected that the remaining 65 will be delivered on the rural exception affordable housing sites and on the site allocated at Erskine Lodge, Gt Whelnetham in Policy RV20a