on Wednesday MAY   11th  2016

  at 7.00 pm


Great and Little Whelnetham Parish Council



 Annual Parish Meeting 11th May 2016

7.00 pm Gt Whelnetham Community Centre


  1. Apologies


  1. Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held on  13th May 2015


  1. Chairman’s Annual  Report


  1. Police Annual Report


  1. Suffolk County Council & Borough Annual Reports


  1. Organisation Reports/ Public Questions




Agenda for Great and Little Whelnetham Parish Council Meeting 11th May 2016

To follow the Annual Parish Meeting



  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Election of Chairman


  1. Election of Vice Chairman


  1. Election of Planning Sub-Committee


  1. Election of Transport Representative


  1. Public Forum


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting dated 14th April 2016 and matters arising


  1. Declaration of Interests


  1. Updates


8.2Gt. Whelnetham School

8.3Railway Walk

8.4Transport and VAS/Speed signs



  1. To consider

9.1 flooding issues –  A134;

9.2 Proposal to avoid double election costs;

9.3 Standing Orders and Financial Orders for 16/17 and Code of      Conduct;

9.4  Playground fence;

9.5  Improving local communications;

9.6  Training;

9.9   Membership update/Co-option of additional Councillors.

9.10 Payroll and Expenses


  1. Finances

10.1 To appoint Ensor as internal auditor for the end of year accounts for 2015/16 and receive internal audit report;

10.2 To receive and approve the end of year accounts for 2015/16;

10.3 To approve the Councillors’ statement in the end of year accounts;

10.4 To confirm BDO as external auditor for the year ending 31/3/16;

10.5   To receive and review the bi-monthly financial summary for March-April 2016;

10.6 To approve cheques to be issued.

  1. Any other business



Next meeting   – 13th  July 2016