Havebury Housing Partnership have recently sent notification inviting people to make comments regarding their ideas for yet more houses in the village before they submit a planning application to the Borough Council. Please note that this development will follow the normal planning application route and will not be subject to the development brief type process.. Hambrooke Close




Fentons Farm, Great Whelnetham – Planning application proposals

We are writing to update you on our plans to bring forward proposals for new private and affordable homes on the land adjacent to Fenton’s Farm, Great Whelnetham. This land has been allocated for residential development in St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s Rural Vision 2031 Plan, with an indicative capacity of 10 homes as a guide to the scale of the development.

In July 2014, Havebury met with local residents at a public consultation event held in Great Whelnetham Village Hall to consult on possible plans for residential development on the Fenton’s Farm site.  The proposals at that time showed 17 homes with a mixture of 1 bed flats, 2, 3 and 4 bed houses and with a mix between open market sale and affordable rented homes.

After listening to feedback from the public consultation, Havebury has substantially redesigned the plans to provide just one point for vehicular access via Hambrook Close and to reduce the number of houses to 12 with a more traditional design.

We believe that these revised plans have addressed some of the concerns raised through the consultation process and sets out principles for delivering a high quality, appropriate housing development that respects and enhances the village as well as meeting planning policy.

It is the intention that the new houses will now be aimed at home ownership with the inclusion of open market sale and shared ownership, although this will be developed through ongoing liaison with the Council, should planning approval be obtained.

At this stage, our intention is to submit a planning application in late May/early June 2016 with an expected decision in autumn 2016.

We welcome your feedback on these revised proposals. Please find enclosed a draft site plan showing the general arrangement of properties, artist impression, and a comments form and freepost envelope to return to us within 10 days from the date of this letter. This does not affect your statutory rights to make comments to the Local Planning Authority once the application has been submitted.

The revised site plan and an online comments form will also be available on our website. To view the site plan or to leave a comment, please visit www.havebury.com/proposed-developments