For quite a while now the Parish Council has been trying to get Suffolk County Council to attend to a blocked drain on the A134. The Chairman first noticed that there was something odd about this drain on the main road a few months ago, so decided to take a closer look to settle his curiosity.

For years there have been complaints from nearby residents about flooding and blocked drains and indeed these have been forwarded on to the county council who have responded and apparently cleaned the drains out, only to be followed by more complaints after subsequent heavy rain.

You might think that when people are sent out to discover the cause of flooding, or find a blocked drain that they would, but something is obviously wrong here


The strange thing that invoked curiosity was grass growing from the edge of road, it is actually growing from a blocked drain on Sicklesmere Road which has been repeatedly reported to Suffolk County Council. One wonders how this gets repeatedly overlooked, especially when we are told it has been attended to. Not sure if by that they mean they have cut it or put a bit more fertilizer on it, but they certainly haven’t unblocked it!

We now turn our attention to potholes, the series of pot holes on Stanningfield Road were reported to Suffolk County Council, just after their inspector came out and sprayed yellow paint around a few outside the school. A few days later the potholes on the bend were also sprayed with yellow paint. At last they were going to be filled. A few days ago the contractors came out and repaired the potholes outside the school, but for some strange reason did not repair the ones less than 100 yards away on the bend, does it make sense? It probably does to someone somewhere, or may be the contractors like Whelnetham so much they need excuses to come and visit us as much as they can.

Nearly forgot, the elusive dud bulb that the Parish Council had been reporting for nearly a year has been replaced after it was pointed out that the inspectors probably couldn’t see it because it was so over grown with branches and foliage.

Missing Swing,

One of the small swings in the children’s play area has been removed as the seat was broken, it is due to be replaced in the next few weeks.

Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 9th November 2016 at 7:30pm.