There has been a lot of controversy over the development at the former Erskine Lodge site, but now it seems there may be evidence that the site could be of significant archaeological importance not only to the area, but Sicklemere and Whelnetham as the results of a recent archaeological survey revealed evidence of a large Roman settlement dating back to possibly as early as 1 AD. The report recommended that the site should be excavated before any construction work takes place, and that ‘provision is made for public engagement, publication and dissemination of the analysis and records of the site investigation‘ .

Whelnetham is fortunate to have this opportunity on its doorstep, and hope that there will be opportunities to share the discoveries and learn more about our local heritage especially for Whelnetham Primary School.

It has long been rumoured that there was a large Roman encampment somewhere around the village but very little has been found until now to substantiate those rumours. Whatever the outcome it will be interesting to see what happens.