Great and Little Whelnetham Parish Council


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting of Great and Little Whelnetham Parish Council will be held in the Great Whelnetham Community Centre on Wednesday 09th November 2016 at 7.30 p.m. The press and members of the public are invited to attend.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Public Question time
  3. Chairman’s and County/Borough Councillor’s report
  4. Minutes of previous meeting dated 14th September 2016 to be agreed (any matters arising to be discussed during course of meeting)
  5. Members Declaration of Interest
  6. Police Matters
  7. Updates:

7.1 Planning – update Erskine Lodge and Fenton Farm

DC/16/2154/TCA Beech Cottage, Sudbury Road, Sicklesmere, pollarding of trees, no concerns reply sent.

7.2   Gt. Whelnetham School and parking

7.3   Railway Line

  • Transport and VAS speed signs

7.5   Housing

7.6   Proposal to avoid double election costs

7.9   Playground report/ fence, bylaws re Parish Councils and dogs in play area, playground equipment replacement seats and maintenance.

7.10 Improving local communications

7.11 Membership update, co-option of additional Councillors


  1. Correspondence

8.1 Ensor invitation to People Performance and Profit Seminar

  1. For consideration;-

9.1 Proposals for the renovation of the community centre and associated request for financial support

  • Risk assessment
  • Budgeting for 17/18, including training,
  • Blocked drains on Stanningfield Road A134 junction on Sicklesmere Road
  • Campaign for a Cycle Path from town to Sicklesmere


  1. Finance
  • Payments since last meeting and bank reconciliations

10.2    Payments for approval

10.3    Projected rest of year expenditure

10.4    New Computer and scanner/printer to be purchased for Parish        Council and money to be claimed back through the transparency fund/SALC. Update

10.5    Website updates


  1. Any other business


Date of next meeting: 11th January 2017