There was some limited success with the issues reported recently in the Bury Free Press, Suffolk County Council eventually found the drain on the A134 opposite the junction with Stanningfield Road that had 4 inches of grass growing out of it, and it now appears will repair the potholes on the bend near the school. The footpaths, both sides of the A134 between the post Office and Rushbrook Arms continue to be of concern, as do the conditions of the 2 solitary street lights that are meant to provide illumination, Light N0.42 hasn’t been working for over a year, (that’s the concrete post one mid-way) whilst light No. 43 opposite the Post Office, offers but a mere glow. With respect to these lights it has been request that consideration is given to

  1. The provision of an additional light
  2. Changing the type of lamp on top of Street light 42 to a ‘Downlight’ type
  3. Re positioning the light (No.43) so that is on the pole near the bus stop rather than at its current location

The Chairman of the Parish Council (me) made these  requests to improve pedestrian safety to Suffolk [ Keeping our Roads Safe] County Council to no avail, however having sent a few e-mails since September, regarding the overgrown, narrow width of the paths, I did manage to get a response that work on the footpaths will be scheduled in January, now it is difficult to determine if this means the work will be done in January, or merely added to be done at some future date, which of course will bring us closer to Spring, than Winter.

The other issue, and its one that will be raised, is the increase in puddles on the road along the same length of footpaths, puddles which incidently motorists cannot see until they go through them, but unfortunate pedestrians will experience as the vehicle passes.

It does seem that instead of seeing gradual improvements in service, that we are in fact experiencing a marked deterioration.