Concerns were originally raised with Suffolk County Council regarding the conditions of the footpaths that run alongside the busy A134 in September 2016. Work to clear these paths was supposed to have performed in early November but when this work did not take place the Parish Council raised the issue again and was assured that the work would be done before Christmas. It is quite obvious that this did not happen as the issue was raised once again and a commitment to schedule the work January 2017 was made. Unfortunately, once again that work did not take place, despite reiterations being made regarding the safety of pedestrians using those paths being repeated. Following yet another complaint being raised the Chair of Whelnetham Parish Council was concerned to learn that the work was now being put off until early summer due to the fact that the bird nesting season was about to start and essential ‘tree’ work was required which meant the work force who look after the maintenance and clearance of these paths would be used to attend to the trees.

It does tend to make one wonder if there is genuine concern for pedestrian safety at Suffolk County Council, that said the recent notice of road closure, may afford SCC the opportunity attend to these paths and also install the replacement light fitting as discussed in a previous post.

Hopefully once the paths have been cleared and the new light installation will make these paths safer for everyone, but why does it take so much effort to get such obvious safety work done?