A 134 Footpaths

After months of delays and excuses, phone calls and e-mails Suffolk County Council have finally cleared the footpaths alongside the busy A 134, making it a little safer for people to walk to and from the Post Office as well as the only public house in the village.

Street Lighting

A 134 – [Post Office to Hawstead Lane]

Concern was also expressed regarding the lack of lighting along this stretch of the busy A 134, especially as one of the very lights has not been working for a considerable period of time.

Following a meeting in December 2016 with someone from Suffolk County Council a new taller light unit is now being installed to replace the defective one, whilst the possibility of an additional light to be installed opposite the junction with Stanningfield Road is under investigation, there is still room for improvement though another light positioned at the mid-point between the new light and the Post office could dramatically improve pedestrian safety, and may encourage the new residents and families that will arrive when the new Havebury development has been completed, to support our village local.

Tutelina Road –

Following the conversion of light units to LED type concern was expressed that the lights now fitted on Tutelina Road did not provide enough illumination, as a result Suffolk County Council has undertaken to install a different type of lamp. I am given to understand that the replacement lamp is of a type not commonly fitted , and has been subject a special order with what is known as an 18 week lead time , hopefully these may be fitted before the end of next month.

Pot Holes – Stanningfield Road [Cocktail Street part]

Having received many comments regarding the logic of closing the road in January to repair just two smaller pot holes on the bend between the Community Centre and  the Primary School, but not the larger pot hole just a few yards away, several phone calls were made to several people within Suffolk County Council, and eventually somebody listened, took over 10 weeks though but frustratingly having made the effort to come out and spray yellow paint around it, the inspectors failed to venture further along the road to ensure there were no more that needed to be filled. Had they done so they would have found quite a few, for example the one in the middle of the road just before the Bells Lane junction, several on the approach to Stanningfield Village, and particularly nasty one just  past the green in Stanningfield.

It does make people wonder exactly what these people do when they wander around the county with their little tins of yellow spray or even if they have more than one tin?

We are also reminded that we can report these issues using the Suffolk County Council website, https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/roads-pavements-and-verges/potholes/report-a-pothole/