Great and Little Whelnetham Parish Council


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting of Great and Little Whelnetham Parish Council will be held in the Great Whelnetham Community Centre on Wednesday 10th May 2017 at 7.30 p.m. To follow the Annual Parish Meeting. The press and members of the public are invited to attend.


03rd May 2017


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Election of the Chairman
  3. Election of the Vice Chairman
  4. Election of the Planning Sub-Committee
  5. Election of the Transport Representatives
  6. Public Forum
  7. Minutes of previous meeting dated 08th March 2017 to be agreed (any matters arising to be discussed during course of meeting)
  8. Members Declaration of Interest
  9. Updates:
    • Planning – update Erskine Lodge.

DC/16/1268/FUL Fenton farm

  • DC/17/0498FUL – DC/17/0499/LB Rushbrooke Arms, installation of 2 new cabinets and replacement antennas – no concerns.
  • DC/17/0666/FUL M Faiers Stirling House, change of use of farmland at rear of dwelling to domestic garden – no concerns
  • DC/17/0570/HH S Cox 3 Stanningfield Road first floor extension – no concerns.

9.2     Gt. Whelnetham School and parking

9.3     Railway Walk

9.4     Transport and VAS speed signs

9.5     Housing

9.6     Proposal to avoid double election costs

9.7     Playground report/ fence, playground equipment replacement seats and maintenance

9.8     Battle Over 11.11.18 update

9.9     Improving local communications

9.10   Membership update, co-option of additional Councillors


  1. Correspondence

10.1 Fresh Start New Beginnings letter-TA to update

10.2 Letter from the Voluntary Network

10.3 Letter from headway Suffolk

  1. For Consideration:

11.1 Standing orders and Financial orders for 17/18 and code of conduct – no changes from last year.

11.2 Councillor training

11.3 Campaign for a Cycle Path from town to Sicklesmere


  1. Finance

12.1 To appoint Ensor as internal auditor for the end of year    accounts for 2016/17 and receive internal audit report.

12.2 To receive and approve the end of year accounts for 2016/17

12.3 To approve the Councillors’ statement in the end of year accounts.

12.4 To confirm BDO as external auditor for the year ending       31.3.17.

12.5 To approve bi monthly statement and cheques to be issued.

12.6 Clerk actions/update


  1. Any other business


Date of next meeting: 12th July 2017 7.30 pm