The latest Traffic volume and speed data for Sicklesmere reveals one or two surprises with respect to the speed of vehicles travelling through the 30 mph limit.

Traffic volumes and speed – 1 Week 10th – 16 June.

Location: Sicklesmere. Traffic from Sudbury Direction

From Sudbury direction 1 Week

Traffic Volume and speed. 2 Weeks, 2nd – 17th June 2018 Sicklesmere, from Bury St Edmunds Direction

Bury towards Sudbury 2 weeks

As you can see Sicklesmere Road is certainly a busy road in both directions

In the last fortnight over 300 vehicles have been recorded  travelling at speeds in excess of 60mph (double the speed limit), and at least 2 vehicles exceeded 90mph, (one of which was recorded at 5.55 pm during a weekday!) It is not clear if these were emergency vehicles answering emergency calls, but certainly the speeds shown on the two graphs are those of vehicles approaching the road Junction near the post office from both directions.

The placement of the VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs) on the A 134 does have a noticable impact on traffic speed, and the majority of drivers do respond and slow down to keep to the limit, but certainly it does seem that there is an increase in the number of drivers who ignore them. The VAS device merely records traffic volume, speed and dates and times, they do not record registration plates of vehicles. This data will be forwarded to the safer neighbourhood teams ( Suffolk Police) to make them aware of the issues, but it certainly does raise concerns about safety of other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the condition of our footpath along the main road, which has been reported a number of times to the County Council, who have ignored the concerns raised.