As many of you living near the new Erskine Lodge development, and indeed theFentons Farm site will be aware, there has been a lot of archeological activity taking place.

There have been limited opportunities for the dissemination of information ,  but more recently information about the bodies found on Fentons Farm site has been broadcast, yet news of the findings made at the Erskine Phase 2 site has been extremely limited.

The Parish Council has been aware for sometime of the interest these works has generated in the village, and during the early stages of the development put forward suggestions to Havebury with respect to community engagement which resulted in the developer involving pupils from Whelnetham Primary School as well as a limited number of members of our community taking part in the dig at Erskine Phase 2. However this was limited and there has been a long outstanding promise of a presentation of some of the discoveries that have been made being held at the community centre.

The Parish Council are pleased to say that a date for the long awaited presentation has been set. Thursday 28th March 2019, 6:30pm at Whelnetham Community Centre. The presentation will cover the discoveries made both at Erskine Lodge phase 2 site, which potentially was the location of a settlement dating as far back as AD1 and Fenton Farm, thought to a grave yard occupied by bodies, perhaps of slaves, who were buried in a very strange manner.

It is bound to be an interesting evening and hopefully one where some questions can be answered, the presentation is expected to last at least 2 hours, so come along and find out a little more about the history of our Parish.