A few people may from time to time visit this site and wonder why it isn’t being updated with more news and items of interest. The main issue is that the Parish Council needs more councillors.. Currently due to limited numbers, opportunites for website updates for anything other than meeting minutes and agenda are very few and far between.

Currently we have been busy with quite a bit, working with the community centre we have provided:

The Defibrillator and free training. The unt is located at the main entrance of the Centre.

The Memorial Beacon

The Memorial Bench

Replaced the safety surface in the play area

Provided funding for the Memorial Sunday events.

Having so few councillors means that it is difficult to find time to apply to all the projects that we would like pursue.

The Multi Use Games Area or MUGA , planned for the playing field at the community Centre, is still very much a work in progress, but one that is taking its time to complete simply due to a lack of human resources, but that can so easily change if we have more councillors –

One of the longest concerns safety issues at the school which to say the least is both a sensitive and complex subject but one that is proceeding. The VAS units need to be put up in the village locations again, but during the periods they were in place at the school, they provided data that indicated more that 30% of traffic from the Stanningfield direction passed School Cottages at over 50 mph!, this indicates that the speed of the vehicles before that point was considerably higher than that. Suffolk County Council are now reviewing the current national speed limit that applies to the section of road with a view to introducing a 40 mph limit, which the Parish Council believes should be put into effect on the length of road from the village boundary at Bells Lane to the School in order to improve the safety of this stretch of road for the many pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and families that use it , as well as a slower approach to the school. Will we be succesful? We hope so.

Will it be effective, we hope so, but at least it will be enforcable and may result in a reduction in the number of vehicles travelling at speeds that are higher than the national limit – believe it or not we have recorded speeds of over 70 and 80 mph!

Interested in becoming a Parish Councillor? Send and e-mail to clerkwhelnethampc@outlook.com,