The Parish council have recently been in consultation with Suffolk Police regarding Parking related issues concerning Stanningfield Road .

Dear Sir / Madam,

Your Local Safer Neighbourhood team have received a number of complaints concerning parking issues in your area. 

A copy of this letter is going to be delivered to various residents and community notice boards. 

We are hoping to promote / encourage a more sensible and responsible approach to parking before having to take enforcement action if the problems continue.

This letter is not aimed at anyone in particular it is meant as a gentle reminder to users of vehicles to park sensibly giving consideration to other road users and users of the footpaths.

The main issues that have been raised are:

Parking within 10 metres of a junction: Rule 250 Highway Code.

Parking must not be partially or fully on pavements: Rule 244 Highway Code.

These are the offences that can be dealt with by police however we would like people to have the opportunity to park sensibly / lawfully before we take enforcement action. We do appreciate the fact that parking is an issue within a village, with very limited facilities for parking which is why it is important for everyone to park sensibly.

Many thanks for your understanding,

Sgt Angela Puiy

Bury St Edmunds Safer neighbourhood Team Link Officer

Bury St Edmunds Police Station

Raingate Street

Bury ST Edmunds



Gt & Lt Whelnetham Parish Council

Please Note

Great Whelnetham Parish Council have received and continue to receive complaints from various residents and road users regarding parking offences.

We have been in contact with Suffolk Police and West Suffolk Council to try and resolve these issues, and following advice, now issue the following statement.

West Suffolk Council Community Enforcement Officers have been advised and if appropriate will issue fixed penalty notices.

Suffolk Police – Bury St Edmunds Safer Neighbourhood Team are now conducting random patrols in Great Whelnetham and will deal with traffic violations where they relate to obstruction, and or other violations of the Road Traffic Act.

Please take care when parking, 

  • Do not park on yellow lines single or double yellow lines,  
  • Parking at a junction is an offence as it causes unnecessary obstruction to other road users.  
  • Parking on pavements is an offence and causes obstruction to pedestrians.
  • Do not park on grass verges or grass areas.
  • Please avoid double parking as this reduces road width and may obstruct access by emergency services, and may also cause an obstruction

Whelnetham Parish Council has made an application for parking restrictions to be put in place along both sides of the section of Stanningfield Road between its junction with Sicklesmere Road and Tutelina Road. 

Residents are reminded that they can directly report any suspected parking issues concerning ‘yellow line’ offences using the West Suffolk Council Website.

Any concerns regarding parking issues that do not occur on Yellow lines, where vehicles are causing obstruction to the road, should be reported by calling Suffolk Police by using the 101 service. 

If it is safe to do so, take photographs.

Whelnetham Parish Council 

15th November 2020