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10 thoughts on “Have your Say”

  1. Charlotte Everitt said:

    Is there any plans at all to update the local park? Having visited many other village fields/parks with the local football team ours does look dated in comparison, and is massively used. Thank you

    • whelnetham12 said:

      The football pitch and grounds are managed by the Community centre, you will to contact them via their Facebook page. Thanks for your comment

  2. Val Lampart said:

    Can the Parish Council do anything to help the residents in St Thomas’s way that get flooded out every time we get heavy rain? We have tried the council, water board etc. and no one wants to know. We need the drains cleaned out that has not happened for some time, The next garage area along from ours has been adopted by the council so gets done, why haven’t we been adopted also? We need work done in the garage area to divert the water away from the houses, into the drains, if this happened once the drains were cleaned out properly it could solve the issue. it just runs like a river from the top down to our houses garden disappears under water, we are having to lift manhole covers to get the water away, but this creates a safety issue of someone falling in or tripping over it. Help with this issue would be greatly appreciated from us drowned out residents.

    • whelnetham12 said:

      I must apologise, but we did experience a few problems with the web site.
      Can you remember who used to clean the drains out? I will endeavour to raise this at the next Parish Council meeting on your behalf, but of course you are always welcome to attend and raise issues like this during question time.
      Many Thanks

  3. Peter Royce said:

    End of the Whelnetham Vintage Car, Bike and Tractor Rally.

    As many will know last years Vintage Car Bike and Tractor rally was cancelled due to bad weather, which would have been ideal for a regatta but not so for the many cars, bikes, and tractors that attend. What many of you may not know is that there will be no more Whelnetham Vintage Car Bike and Tractor Rallies.

    The event also served to help other causes as well, such as to recognise the work and effort of members of the Womens Land Army during World War II, that particular event which was memorable for so many reasons, the organisation and planning of two venues, the management of over 90 elderly Land Army Vetrans, the organisation of military vehicles and Police escorts to name a few, the list was endless but the result was better than expected as the event managed to get nationwide attention across the media with ladies attending from all over the UK to reunite with former co-workers they hadn’t seen since their time in service,in the local area , surprisingly it didn’t end there once the news of our event went out similar events began to occur in other areas of the UK later in the year, and Government recognition which had been talked about for years soon followed – not bad work for a little village car rally was it!

    The reason for the demise of the rally is simple, it takes about a year to pull everything together, and required an awful lot of time and commitment from just 3 people to make happen and unfortunately those three people myself included, do not have sufficient free time anymore to dedicate to such a great village event. So I must apologise in advance to everyone who may have been looking forward to what was the greatest village event on our calendar, which unfortunately due to a lack of volunteers and helpers, has now fallen by the wayside.

    The rally was held primarily to raise funds for the Community Centre of which I was chair. I resigned earlier this year simply because work commitments have changed to the point that I could not dedicate the amount of time I once did. I know that there are some new and exciting projects in the pipeline, but like all events they will need the support of the community, not just in attending, but also volunteering, either just helping, taking part, or even as a member of the committee. I am sure the new chair will be keen to welcome any new members to the committee.

    The Community Centre is one of the best in the area, for its size, and amenities it has to offe. It is a registered charity organisation and as such receives no financial support other than monies it receives from hires and the fund raising activities that some members of the committee organise.

    • splasherthomson said:

      It was great while it lasted Peter, a credit to you and the others who organised it. You are right that events like this can only happen if a lot of volunteers do a bit, otherwise the demand on the few is too high. A few years ago we had village fireworks and the tractor rally, both now gone. If a good group of people get together they can have a lot of fun putting on an event of their choice. We have all the facilities, we just need helpers. Let’s hope that happens.

  4. doris wright said:

    Is it fair that eighteen Gt Whelnetham residents are being forced to move out of the village some who have lived in this area for many years, so low cost homes can be built so people who are not residents now can move into the village

  5. David Hughes said:

    The grass verges of Great Welnetham and Sicklesmere have eventually been cut….and you know what? It looks a hundred times worse. Two Billy goats would’ve done a neater job.

    • splasherthomson said:

      David … Long story… our contractor let us down so we invited quotes for a new contractor. One of those we approached decided that rather than give us a quote he would cut the grass to see how long it would take. That’s what you are looking at. We have now appointed someone else who we hope will be a great improvement. You are right to be disappointed with what’s gone before, we are. Chris Thomson Chairman.

  6. David Hughes said:

    Thought For The Day:

    Bird spotting: 7.15ish Sunday morning. I opened the front door to a sparkling day. Standing in the doorway admiring the view and sounds. A gang of Goldfinches chattering on the lawn. A pair of collared doves side by side perched on an overhanging branch. Two blackbirds engaged in a noisy territorial skirmish. Bees going about their business. For once it wasn’t raining. My utopian meditation with nature was brutally shattered moments later by the explosive boom of a howitzer, the earth shook on it’s axis. The goldfinches continued their communion. A second cataclysmic boom seconds later, shortly followed by a third also failed to dislodge the birds in my garden. There has to be an alternative bird deterrent to the array of gas propane cannons that are shaking the foundations of the neighbourhood at what appears to be 15 minute intervals distributed around the fields of Welnetham and beyond? Something environmentally sympathetic, something that doesn’t contribute to noise pollution. Something that doesn’t look like the result of industrial waste abandoned in the corner of a field by a fly – tipper? Something that doesn’t pollute the air with gas? Something quieter?

    How many scarecrows equals one cannon? Fifty? Perhaps there should be an annual scarecrow competition, a scarecrow festival. The farmers as judges. Great Welnetham home to a hundred scarecrows.


    D. H. Penn N. Ink

    I notice that other contributors use an alternative ‘pen name’

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