What we do for you

In 2011 the Parish Council:

  • Provided grit bins for several sites around the village
  • Paid for new energy efficient windows and doors at the Community Centre
  • Refurbished the kids playground

In 2012 the Parish Council has already:

  • Paid for a tree to commemorate the work of David Balmer at the Railway Line. We have also been given an oak tree to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
  • Carried out essential works to the Railway Line Walk
  • Made small donations to Little and Great Whelnetham Churches, the Under Fives and Cygnets
  • Arranged for tree maintenance work to the rear of Tutelina Road, to be funded jointly with the Community Council

We have limited funds that we can use around the village and welcome your ideas as to how they might be spent.