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Notice of Vacancy 20 Nov 2023

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A list of current councillors appears here. Details of members' interests are listed. The Council meets on the second Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. Meetings take place in the Community Centre, from 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Time is made available for the public to meet councillors and put questions to them before the meeting proceeds to formal business. Meetings typically receive reports from Suffolk Constabulary and from our local Suffolk County and West Suffolk district councillor, Karen Soons.  

The council discusses planning applications, transport and other issues of concern to the village. The council receives modest funding from precepts and grants from other authorities. It uses those funds to maintain the railway line walk, cut grass areas the village and carry out other projects that benefit the parish. In recent years the council has paid for grit bins around the parish, refurbished a playground in Great Whelnetham and replaced windows in the community centre. More recently the parish council worked with the community centre committee to provide adult gym equipment and some outdoor facilities for the local community to use. Currently the council is interested in establishing whether there is demand for a dedicated cycle path from the village to Bury, and in engaging more directly with local residents, which is one of the objectives of this site.