Assets Yr end March 2020-21

budget estimates 21.01.20

Notice of Public Rights 2019-20 docs

Certificate of Exemption 2019-20

Accounting Statements 2019-20

Annual Governance Statement 2019-20

Gt & Lt Whelnetham Internal Audit Report 2020

Assets Yr end March 2019-20

Explanation of significant variances Year end March 2020

cashbook 19-20

Cheques Over £100 19-20

Gt and Lt Whelnetham - summary of receipts and payments 2019-20


Certificate of Exemption 18-19

Internal Audit Report 18-19

Accounting Statements 18-19

Annual Governance Statement 18-19

Notice of Public Rights & Publication of AGAR Return (Exempt Authority)

This page contains information on: Items of expenditure or income over £100;

End of year accounts including annual governance statement and internal audit reports

Summary of receipt and payment Year ending Mar 2019

Summary of receipt and payment Year ending Mar 2018

notice of public rights 2017-2018

notice of conclusion of audit 2016-2017

Cash Book 2014 - 2015

Explanation of significant variances Yr end March 2014