Code of Conduct and Members’ Interests

The Parish Council has adopted a formal Code of Conduct as required by s26 to 37 of the Localism Act 2011. All members of the Council have formally declared the pecuniary and non pecuniary interests of themselves and their spouses.

If a matter comes up at a meeting which is in any way affected by those interests the member leaves the meeting and takes no part in discussions or voting.

All members of the council have agreed to act honestly, selflessly, objectively and with integrity. Each member is accountable to the council and to the electorate.

Decisions are made openly. Members of the public may attend meetings.

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011 Councillors have registered the following interests.

David Howes – resides Cocks Green Lane Great Whelnetham

Tim Webber – Family Farms throughout the parish. resides Great Whelnetham

Howard Singh – resides Raynsford Road Great Whelnetham

Peter Royce – resides Stanningfield Road Great Whelnetham

Clifford John Dive – resides Hambrook Close Great Whelnetham

June Attwood – resides Church Lane, Little Whelnetham

Stephen Smith – resides Little Whelnetham

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